AURO Associates markets the Stevia Products of its Group Company 'Apoorva Herbals Pvt Ltd' under its Brand Name Aurovia -

  • Stevia Leaves or Stevia Leaves Powder
  • Stevia Dark Liquid Extract
  • Stevia White Liquid Extract
  • Stevia Stevioside Powder
  • Stevia Rebaudioside-A Powder

AuroVia is Heat stable, Acid stable and Non-addictive sweetener with Zero Glycemic Index. 

It is also a source of Anti-oxidants.

As per various Medicinal findings, It acts as Blood - Sugar normalizer as it stimulates beta cells of Pancreas, helps stabilise and strengthen Cardiovascular action due to its Vasodialation effect, has broad spectrum Anti-microbial properties and acts as Digestive Tonic.

Stevia extracts are used all over the World in Tea, Coffee, Soft drinks, Fruit Juices, Ice Creams, Weight watchers Diet, Diabetic Diets.

Stevia has long history of safe usage. It has received Government approval in more than twenty countries.