Chemical, Pharma Plant Design Services, Complete Process and Project Consultancy, Stevia Extraction Technology on Turnkey Basis, Waste into Wealth Technologies

Chemical, Pharma Plant Design Services

AURO provides Turnkey Design Engg Solution to any Chemical or Pharma product right from Concept to Commissioning.

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Complete Process And Project Consultancy

Profit Maximization by Process Innovations, Process Improvements, Operations Optimizations, Waste Management and Manpower deployment .. For Bottom Line i.e. Profits Improvement. 

Process Engineering – From Technical Knowhow to Basic & Detailed Engg. Design, Management & Execution for – Chemicals, Pharma & Pharma Intermediates. To name important few –

  • Chemical and Pharma Technologies
  • Herbal Extraction Technologies
  • 'Turning Waste to Wealth' Technologies
  • Blackodising Technology
  • Solar Water Pasteurising Technology

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Stevia Extraction Technology On Turnkey Basis

Stevia Extraction Technology

  • To get Zero Calorie Herbal Sweetener  Stevia White Liquid Extracts, Stevia White Powders i.e. Stevioside & Rebaudioside-A from Stevia Leaves. These Powders are 250 to 450 times sweeter than sugar. 
  • This Stevia Extraction Technology developed by AURO is registered with N R D C, New Delhi.

Herbal Extraction Technology with Ultra Sound Technique

Its main advantages are –

•It can be incorporated in existing systems. 
•Improvement of yield by at least 10% over the current yield. 
•Reduction of processing time by a significant percentage, say 20% or greater. 
•Reduction in solvent usage, thereby lowering the recovery loss. 

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Waste Into Wealth Technologies

There are many wastes and these waste products enter a ‘sink’ which sometime ‘overflow’, harming the environment. To avoid the harmful effects of the ‘waste sink’, we need to convert these ‘wastes’ into productive outputs and create wealth……

Sodium Silicate and Amorphous Silica from Rice Husk Ash - 

AURO offers Green Technology and Turnkey Plants to convert Rice Husk Ash useful products Sodium Silicate and Amorphous Silica with Activated Carbon and Sodium Sulfate as bye products.

98% Pure Barium Sulfate from Chlor Alkali Plant Solid Waste Sludge 

AURO has developed the Technology to recover 98% pure Barium Sulfate from the above Waste Sludge.AURO offers Barium Sulfate Recovery Plant on Turnkey Basis.

Industrial Waste Carbon Dioxide CO2

Recovery of waste Carbon Dioxide gas from various Industrial Process and making Food Grade CO2 – 
•From Various Fermentation Processes
•Calcium Chloride from Lime and HCl
•Magnesium Sulfate from Magnesite
•Magnesium Oxide from Magnesium Carbonate 
•Sodium Silicate from Conventional Mfg Process
•Boiler Flue Gases, DG Set and Kiln Exhausts

AURO offers Food Grade CO2 Recovery Plants 

Converting Waste Carbon Black from Tyre Pyrolysis into Activated Carbon

AURO has developed Carbon 
Activation Method.
The Acivated Carbon so obtained has about 94% Carbon, 900 m2/g Surface Area and Iodine Value more than 600. It finds very good market for various applications

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